Sunday, September 7, 2008

Know that it all is just a test!

At this point in my life, I find myself going through financial hardships. It's easy to get lost in the things that you don't have and lose sight of the things that you do have. So, I've learned that instead of complaining about my current situation... to be thankful and a better steward of the things that I do have. Not to worry about the things that I don't. Earthly complaining makes a way for the adversary to move into my life. I know that he has only one objective... to kill, steal, and destroy all that GOD has planned for me. So, I rejoice in my hardships. I will find joy in my pain. Because, I know that I'm only going through, and not stuck in. The Lord is preparing my mind body and soul for new beginnings. And I'm ready to begin! Remember Hebrews 13. GOD will never leave my side and will always pull me through. This is only a test.

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