Sunday, October 26, 2008

I will endure

I've been accused, blamed, and called out of my name.
Treated worst than an enemy like I'm some type of problem or pain.
Second guessed on every move I make.
Not to mention, ignored as if I have nothing valuable to say
Talked down to, belittled, like this marriage is thought of as a mistake.
I cautiously use the word hate.
Hated. All this by my mate.
But I will not return what is being done to me.
I will not play the games that others are playing.
I will not repeat the words others are saying.
I will continue to love like CHRIST loves me.
And when CHRIST feels that I've had enough...
HE'll set me free or teach them to love me.
So, I will do all I do with gladness and praise for HIS name.
I ask HIM for strength, endurance, patience, and the ability to maintain.
And even though times are hard and rough.
I know that HE will see me through and guide me through this pain.
For I am only being tested and HE's making me T.O.U.G.H
Preparing me for blessings that will fall down like rain.
If I don't trust & know anything...
I trust & love the LORD.
HE is a keeper of HIS word...
and promises me not to give me more than I can endure.
So, in Jesus Christ name, I will endure.

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