Sunday, November 6, 2011

True Love

Captivated, bewildered, lost in a time.
Engaged in, perplexed by... thoughts in my mind.
Hopeful for and of the future.
Guided by the divine.

Spiritual in essence and in vision.
Although, naturally corrupted... moving blind.

Trusting with all my being,
preparing to love, love in its true form...
in its purity, the undying kind.


Remembering what was,
forgetting what used to be.
Thankful for past pains... pleasures... mistakes.

All the things that make me... me.

Forgiving past loves...
And also... enemies.
Most of all, forgiving myself.
And constantly thanking God for forgiving me.


Unmerited favor.
Blessings to vast to describe.
Testimony in the making.
Just a vessel He uses,
made to become a reflection of His Son,
Reflecting His light...
Drawing the lost, like moths, to come...
Experience true life.

O' what a beautiful gift it is...
to live in and for Christ.


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