Saturday, October 15, 2011

To All Who Are Afraid


Have you experienced life beyond dreams…
Pain beyond screams?
Beheld a plethora of emotions…
Only to realize none are as real as they seem?
Felt hot tears trailing down your face
As cold wind from crystal blue skies leaves dry salt tracks
As you reminisce of the last time you had a warm embrace.
Reoccurring thoughts plague the mind
Of the last time… you gazed into eyes that told the story of love…
Imagined in the heart, fantasized in the mind, lost in the past, and in the present, you desire to find.
Only to run it away, why… you say?
Fear of the unknown, better yet, fear of the returning of the painful decay…
Of releasing something so precious to you, not to receive anything in return…
Except for pain… pain that doesn’t go away… pain that is not physically felt,
but mentally torments you day by day.
Self sabotage? Possibly.
Guarding, protecting your heart… most likely…
Not leaving much room left for trust.
Creating a strange predicament…
Wanting love, intimacy, a true relationship…
But without trust, the only thing you establish is lust.
Meaningless sex, mentally un-perplexed… unable to affect or infect the soul.
The effect of such… endless trials of trying to fill your emotional hole.
Again, I ask…
Have you experienced life beyond dreams?
Pain beyond screams?
Once you stop trying to protect yourself and let go.
Trust GOD.
He has provided you with more than you think…
And desires to give you more than you will ever need.
All you have to do is trust Him, let Him love you, and…


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