Saturday, July 9, 2011

Divorce Me


I'm not ashamed to say that I've been pained.
From the trials and tribulations I've been through.
Deepest scars of all were caused by you...Q.
On you...was there a mark?
A scar?
A deep down missing place felt within your heart?
Just an empty abyss, filled with joy and bliss.
A life of freedom, gained by lies...
all this due to minus Chris.
Yes. So
I have no regrets.
I don't wish to turn back.
I leave it and you...exactly where yall at...
In the past.
No ill feelings harbored.
Nor vengeance desired.
You are what you say you are...
A Stormy Hill and I thank God for doing His will...
for quenching that fire, elevating me higher,
removing me from that situation for He knew I was tired.
I thank Him daily for what He has taken me from...
And allowed me to go through.
Only thing left is to legally not be attached to you.
You see, I not only know the truth,
but I walk in it too.
The truth of the matter is...
You had long since stopped loving me...
And I was too blind to stop loving you.
Now, you are almost be all that you can be.
Only thing in the way... a signature.
Divorce me.