Friday, November 11, 2011

My Sweet Succulent Cherry

Oh sweet succulent cherry.
From whence is the blossom from where you came?
So heavenly, your juices overwhelm my palette
Causing my emotions to that of love
and to be called by no other name.

I traveled through orchids...
tasted grapes in their youth and when ripe and full.
I've allowed their juices to ferment and became intoxicated with their essence.
And still, none have come close to you.

I've plucked the ripest of plums
And indulged to limits that far exceed full.
I've licked and sucked on their seeds
And would you believe, that in each occurrence,
They reminded me of you.

I even tried a pear, such a oddly shaped one.
It's juices was sweet and texture quite nice.
However, I was less than satisfied when the whole experience was done.
Not much of a chance of it happening twice.

Oh sweet succulent cherry...
What is the secret that you contain?
To constantly be in my heart and on my mind
And from your sweetness, I am unable to refrain.

Could it be... your curvature, your color...
oh so sweet to the finger-tips and pleasing to the eyes.

Or could it be... your wonderful sweet, but tart taste, and the way your pit,
when in my mouth, against my tongue, caresses and glides.

Or is that I can hold you and caress you by the stem...
tickle your pit... dare I not spit. Remove it from its womb and devour the rest of it.

It... being you.

Tell me, my dear sweet succulent cherry, what am I, your admirer to do?

I remember the day when we first met.
Occurrence of such, are not easy for one to forget.
Watching others indulge in you
Incited an emotion... envy perhaps... or jealousy I guess.
Seeing the joy that they displayed, I knew that was a joy I had to get.

I had to taste you for myself.
I couldn't get enough of you..
I prepared you and had you in so many ways.
You soothed me through troubling times
and comforted me on lonely days.

You became my fruit of choice,
Not any other fruit would do.

Never did I imagine there would be a shortage of you.

But, yes it's true...
And it is a great sin. Not knowing...
If I will ever engage and indulge in your sweet succulent taste again.

Oh sweet succulent cherry...
From whence is the blossom from where you came?
So heavenly, your juices overwhelmed my palette,
which caused my emotions to grow to that of love,
and not to be called by any other name.


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