Sunday, August 31, 2008

Just let your flow go....

Sing it like you mean it. Say it like you heard it. However you create it, just let your flow go.
I would see people do it on corners...when I was young.
I would see some stand on a stage and perform it to beats or snaps to claps,
But it was all good, because I liked the way that they got it done.
For me that was only the beginning. Round one.
Then I heard some brother, like no other, speaking words that seemed to roll off of his tongue.
Rhythmic words, rhyming words, not like that of a rap, but it was more like a heart pit' a soul tap. Man, his style of speaking had me sprung. His words were alive and of the stories he told, I could see...vivid imagination took flight. Then I understood, it was his words coming to life inside of me. I had to learn it for myself and create my own style of which I could be true. Started with childish rhymes...that was round two. Moved to simple raps, that was round three, tried the freestyle, but it just wasn't for me. But, when I picked up the pen...found me a pad...we can just skip all the way to ten, because I fell in love with what I found and knew what I had. It was my flow. It was my style. It was my poetry. Now, I'm a flowriter gone wild.
Come and go wild with me and let your flow go.


Anonymous said...

That was hot!

Anonymous said...

Love it!