Friday, June 8, 2012

By Any Means Necessary

Envision a dream
Perception believed
Emotion contained…
Then reality achieved.
One goal attained, now on to the next.
Attempts to overwhelm…defeated,
Because of being spiritually blessed.
You see, before she was even born,
I spoke life into her life.
By the choosing of her name,
Even the acronym it contains.
I foresaw and I predict,
She will affect the world and
Inspire change.
Strong and mighty,
Bold, beautiful, and true.
To say that I am proud of her is an understatement…
Plus, I know that she is far from through.
There will be struggles,
But she was built to overcome.
There will be times when it seems that she is in the wrong lane.
But, I speak correction and direction into her spirit
and that she will be the leader of other ones…
lost, abused (physically or mentally),confused, a spokes person for the elderly,
and a mentor and guide to the youth.
I pray that God is first and foremost in her life
And that the strength of Jesus Christ allows her to achieve things that she never thought she’d do.
May she simply envision, perceive, and believe.
And not allow the thoughts of doubt to take hold.
But, diligently seek the Lord; then witness how the Lord blesses her steps down the road.


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