Monday, June 24, 2013

Joy comes in the morning?

Pain greeted me, "Good evening".

Attacked on every side.
The emotional turmoil is so much to take.
Wanting peace to reside,
but the unstable nature is causing my heart to break.

What to do? Who to turn to?
I asked for this empathic nature.
I had no idea that it could be so cruel.

I cry unto God, not a face full of tears,
just prayerful words asking to be restored,
empowered, and meaning for the rest of my years.

His silence is deadly. Yet, the worlds comments overwhelm.
Their judgements plague me... and my mind...
Reminds me of how I fail.

Failed in my dreams.
Failed in my faith.
Failed in my family.
Failed in my love.
Oh from the reminders of my mind, there is no escape!

Yet, here I am. I still remain to be.
Filled with hope. Hope for what?

Hope to accomplish my dreams.

Beaten and battered, shaken and torn.
Self-esteem crushed. Spirit nearly gone.
I know it's only by Gods grace that I'm able to move on.

Move on to what?  And then, become who?
I've been attacked on every side for so long,
I don't know what to look forward to.

Well, it says joy comes in the morning.