Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Cycle

Have you seen? Do you know?
How the depths of love can torture so.
Leaving trails of wetness,
more than on the face,
but deep down to the soul.
The giving of the heart only for trust to be aloof.
Disappear with cold callous words, stern looks,
and poof...
It's gone.
Leaving reminiscent memories of what was
And dreams of what could be
Yet, afraid of the pain...
If things don't work out correctly.
Making love and unattainable dream.

For, to attain it, you must let down your guard
Give it unconditionally,
even though your heart bares scars.
Look past the short comings,
endure intentional pain,
regardless of how hard... time and time again.

Why? You say.
For the pain of having it
is better than the pain of its decay.
Rotting away at your heart,
corrupting your mind,
breaking down your spirit.
To save yourself you pray to the divine.

Hoping for a change.
Hoping for a start.
Hoping for a rekindling,
restoration of a once live dying heart.

Truth of the matter is...
Trust is the for runner
And is where everything begins.
Once it has been broken,
Passionate lovers wither into distant friends...
Then, even that ends.

And only the pain remains.

It burrows deep, deep into your mind.
In crevices that you didn't know exists.
Until that day, someone comes your way
promising love, passion, loyalty, and eternal friendship.
It rears its ugly head while shaking its defiant fists.

Not again.


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