Sunday, November 10, 2013


Oh how I loathe the word.
Join with it compliant, submissive, and most definitely weak.
Anytime I feel one of them coming on, rage rears in me.

Rage, because of the broken spirits,
the taken lives, the destroyed families,
the backs full of stripes, the children molested,
the mothers raped, and fathers beaten and hung...
Rage, because of the laws of this place.

Rage, waiting for God's vengeance to be done.

Docile. I say it with distaste in my mouth.

Oh the evil that men do. Am I not a man too?

So many hopes have been bought...
with the illusion of assimilation or so thought.
Still only to remain a single grain...
with no hope of ever becoming a beach.
Extend your reach! Refuse to be...


Comfortable, complacent, or for that matter, at ease.
Rise to where you belong. Don't allow "the word" to silence your need.
Misconstrued, manipulated, and dictated to tell you what to believe.
Read, learn, and then move... for yourself.
Desire nothing less to become a King or Queen!

Go along to get along and become a victim of all that is wrong.
Trust me, I know, for this ranting that I am doing is because...
I've been docile for so long.


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