Tuesday, February 4, 2014


This is the way that the past influences our present.
It molds and shapes who we are, but does not limit us on who we can become.
For, it is in the present that we can choose to disregard our experience and try something new.
The only objection to this bold stepping out is fear.
Fear, simply put is not knowing the outcome.
Once we move past fear we make room for boldness.
Boldness is taking action in spite of the outcome.
And this gives birth to belief.
It is in our boldness, regardless of our experience, in spite of our fears, that we began to believe that we can become more than what we were and are not subject to stay what and where we are.
This is where hope lives.  Do not confuse hope with wish.  For a wish simply sparks a desire that is wanted. Whereas, hope is more than just a spark. It is the fuel that propels us to a desired goal and the catalysts that has us accomplish dream after dream.
For without hope, there is no dream.
Where there is no dream, boldness can not exists.
Boldness will not exists if there is no belief.
And where there is no belief, there is only fear.
Fear will limit our experience.
Where our experience is limited, there will be no growth.
Where there is no growth, there is only death.
Therefore, let us experience everything that life has set before us with boldness.
Annihilating every fear, doubt, naysayer, and opposition that dares to come against us.
This is truly living.
At least in my experience.


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