Tuesday, April 8, 2014

One More Step

Exposed, no longer clothed...
in the unrighteousness of sin.
Left bare, there's a chill in the air...
as my walk with the Lord begins.
Friends, family, associates unaware...
of the change that has taken place.
Not knowing where this journey will end...
each step is a step taken in faith.
Stumbles occur, mountains are high, and in the valleys...tears are sown.
Future is unknown, but... I can't go back to the life that I've known.
I've come too far to turn back. I've grown.
Like sperm trying to return to the nutsack, or...
a baby asking for its umbilical cord back
Regression is not an option.
Although too often...it's attempted by many.

Every move,thought, and action now is preceded by prayer.
Still far from perfect, but His Holy Spirit is there.
Guiding, leading, whispering in my ear.
When I adhere to His commands, I move in boldness.
When I don't...fleshly desires, sin transpires, and I give birth to fear.
The adversary appears.
Corrupting my mind, implanting insecurity and doubt.
Crushing my spirit with depression...
trying to make me check out.
Yet, something inside doesn't allow me to give in.
Though I stumble, I do not crumble...
Enabled by His Grace and Mercy, that battle I win
Newly clothed in His righteousness, picked up by His love...
I take another step in my journey, this time stronger, I begin.



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