Monday, March 9, 2015

Stuck In The Rearview

Sang songs of praise
Paid penalties,but lessons fades.
Memories elude, repetition concludes.

Oh my Lord, help me change.

Seen the glory,
felt the release,
prayed for salvation,
only for it to be granted,
then for me to repeat... my folly.

A dog returning to its vomit.

Callousness scorns my heart.
Un-trustworthiness plagues my mind.
Making it difficult for a true relationship to start.
And the pain of repetition easy to find.

I ask that you guide, empower, and open my blinded eyes.
Give me the strength to do what must be done.
So that I can walk in "Your" ways and not in mine.
And to my carnal desires, stop continuously run.

Oh my Lord, help me change.

Boldness eludes me,
pain pursues me,
the joy and heartache of love...
is what has bruised me.

So, I run to you for shelter...
I know, you are my only helper.

My wisdom and knowledge tell me of that which I already know.
Things done, ways attempted,but...
I know, that it is you who has made me grow.
Please Lord, continue to do so.

Help me change.


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