Friday, April 10, 2015

Being Treated Like A King

Greeted at the door
filled with amor
Kissed on the lips, embraced,
and told that you were missed.

Guided to a seat,
shoes removed from your feet.
Breakfast already made, hot,
and ready for you to eat.

Enjoying the food you consume,
with perfect timing, she leaves the room...
goes and prepares your shower.
When you enter the bathroom, she undresses you
then waits for you in the bedroom... or so you thought.
Upon finishing your shower...
Slippers on the floor,
towel in her hands,
she dries you off.

Hand in hand, at the end of the bed you both kneel.
You look to your left,
her eyes are closed and her head is bowed.
You smile to yourself and then begin to pray aloud.
Which ends in "Amen and Amen".

Laying on your back, she begins to kiss you on your neck...
then on your lips, then to your chest, then down pass your belly,
she takes your manhood in her hand and kisses the tip.
Then before you know it, she engulfs the rest.
Slowly and rhythmically, gently but strong,
continuously in a loving motion until your explosive release.
Mind you, because of her technique, doesn't take very long.

With extreme love in her eyes, she tells you,
"I love you" and asks "is there anything else that you need?"
Shaking your head no, she says "my love get some sleep".
Which you do... feeling fully relieved.
After thoroughly being treated like a king.


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