Monday, June 15, 2015

Waiting...Anticipating... Meanwhile, I Stand.

Called by the wild
The scenes of a child
Lost and bewildered by the visions of truth.
Taken aback, thrown off track,
overwhelmed by emotions, empathetic and sympathetic,
since the days of my youth.
The voices inside have yet to subside
Isolating me further from the flock of my clan.
Left to adhere, move without fear,
become the man God predestined, against all odds, to stand.
I stand, but it gets lonely here.

Not of this world,
but in this world I'm expected to exist.
Not of this time,
but in this time my past persist.

Socially inadequate,
but I fake it well.
Violently motivated,
but realistically I sit still.

Allowing the rage to brew.

One day, my world and this world will collide.
One day, the way that I am and the way that I'm expected to be...
will cease to be polar extremes,
this world will pray and hope for a person like me.

Rage unfurled,
Truth revealed,
Passion unbridled,
Sword unsheathed,
and prepared for battle, no need for a shield.

For on that day,
I will die to live... and...
I will live to die!


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