Monday, May 9, 2016

My Lord

Almighty creator, my most benevolent God.
My heart, mind, body, and soul cry out to thee.
Have mercy on me.
Precious are your precepts,
they are my most valuable guide.
Yet, this world... my Lord
has your child severely tried.
My up has become down,
My aspirations have become unfound,
And my spirit is beginning to sullenly drown.

Help me my Lord.

Dreams seem unattainable,
a way out... unfathomable.
So, my hopes and dreams I place at your feet.
Only you can replenish my soul
With your manna of heavenly meat.
And this ache in my heart...
And this loneliness I feel...
Only you are able to heal and complete.

Touch me my Lord.

I await for your unmerited favor,
And for my blessings to pour down and pool.
And for the day to come that I'll savor...
when You make my enemies my footstool.
For the lies and secrets told in the dark,
to be exposed in the light.
For the emptiness I contain inside...
to be filled with your essence,
therefore enabling my spirit to shine bright.

I need you my Lord.

To reveal my purpose,
then give me the strength and courage to move in it.
To enhance my confidence and endurance,
So that my race, I can successfully finish.
To streamline my focus,
So the distractions of this world, I no longer see.
To impart upon me knowledge and wisdom,
So that I, not only will be Your man...
I will be a man that can lead.

Breathe on me Lord.

Unhinge me from my past
that this world constantly reminds me of and shadows me all day.
Free me from the ridicule of what was,
and bathe me in the new man that you created me to be.
I need more of you Lord...
and less of me.

In Jesus' name,



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