Thursday, March 29, 2012

Only By His Grace and Mercy

.words given: mercy,alien,widow,oppress,evil,aware,exclusive,regret,and empathy.

Oh precious moments of joy, laughter, and bliss.
Memories of old... love, prior to this sullen solace.
Entrenched in darkness, life seems so bleak.
I've become an alien to my spirit...succumbing to my sinful nature.
Rendering my soul unable to speak.
So when the evil temptations arise,
I find myself spiritually weak.

In the marriage of mind, body, spirit, and soul.
I have become a widow, fed by a carnal world, lies and stress.
Nothing of true value to possess... Just emptiness and regrets I console.
Left to oppress and be oppressed, in order to gain.
Only to never be fulfilled with true happiness and contentment.
Constantly seeking, but unable to obtain.

Evil spiritual forces know that I exist.
The darkness continually encroaches...
and in their un-heavenly schemes, they relentlessly persist.
It's as if,
they have peeked into my future and have considered me a threat.
The peace of mind,heart, and joy that I desire...
They don't want me to get.

Yet, I am aware... that in me... and... out there,
There is someone greater than me.
Whose strength can be found in my weakness,
and healing can be seen in my infirmity.
Who looks down on my situation with empathy.
Using what they plan for my destruction as vital instances,
the glue if you will, in creating the purposed, destined me.

So, what I'm going through is not exclusive to me.
All those who desire an exclusive relationship,
be it with a lover, brother, sister, mother, or a father who is heavenly...
will experience darkness, moments of trials and tribulation.
Even those who embrace the world experience throes by excluding themselves from His divination.

However, there will be a difference between them and me.
I submit all that I am to you, Lord, and all that I am to be. I can't do nothing without you.
Yet, I can overcome everything with you. I thank you in advance for the deliverance...
and for your unfailing grace and mercy.


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Quaala said...

You truly took my words and told story as if you are living my life. You are greatly blessed to have such a wonderful gift!