Sunday, April 8, 2012


Do you hear me at night as I cry your name?
Do you feel my presence when I pray for you...
Or understand my turmoil as I look at your picture,

Tell me...

can you feel my pain?

All the years gone, tender moments missed.
The hugs that I long for, the conversations that I wish.
So much that I would love for us to share...
Hard times, good times, first loves, bad times...
Sadly, I wasn't there.

Hearing your voice gave me hope of what could be.
I pictured in my mind... us making up for lost time.
Actually being able to enjoy a day of you spending it with me.

Everything was going great and moving right along.
You told me, soon that you would be a father, but you still wanted visit me.
However, somewhere things went wrong.
I left messages with you friend,
Not to mention, the numerous times I called your phone.
I even tried your moms'...
phone disconnected, facebook profile... disappeared.
It's like you vanished into thin air
but I know your not gone.

I don't know what it is or where you might be.
Or what made you cease communication so suddenly.
I hope that you are doing better than good,
that things are going great.
I look forward to hearing from you again,
I pray for the day that I get to see you face to face.

I love you... Dad.


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