Saturday, October 27, 2012

No Detour Ahead

Dark moon rising,the twinkle of the night is the only light shining.
Cold careless whispers, evil thoughts defining.
Searching for solace, unable to find it, the mind continues pining.
Wanting, hoping, praying for...
Peace, purpose, direction, fulfillment, something more...
Than this bare existence that I've been plagued to explore.

Yet, there's no detour.

Surprisingly new, clouds span the sky with a crimson hew.
Yesterday, gone. Last night, faded away.
Blessed to be refreshed, like the grass is with the morning dew.
And still, on this path I remain... I stay.

There's no detour ahead.

On this path I stroll,
with no one to console.
Tribulation, pain, and strife attacks my being as a whole.
Wanting relief, a focus, something to distract my soul.
Yet, my burden, my yoke is my achieving my goal.

I choose not to turn.
I pray that my soul doesn't burn.
and that... my heart doesn't grow cold.
So many unanswered prayers thru closed clenched eyes I stare...
at my future, at my journey, while being tormented by my past.
Therefore, there's...

No detour ahead.

Only with Gods' help will I last.


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