Saturday, March 16, 2013

Congratulations.... S.E.Y


What can I give or offer to express how proud I am?
Diamonds, rubies, gold, treasures from a far off land?
None seem to encompass the feelings I hold.
Yet, what I feel can not be bought or sold.
Many have tried to attain it.
Some even abused it.
Some got used to it and its passion grew old.
And still it remains.
Free from the chains.
What is it called?
My heart, my word, my love? It has many names.
And all that it is...
I give it to you.
I ask for nothing in return.
Only that you keep doing what you do.
You... are the spark that was illuminated when I was in the dark.
You... are who was created when two in love embark...
on trip thought to be forever, a journey in bliss together, but only
for the true-ness of life to be revealed. Life is real, not ideal.
You... are the product of joy.
And joy is what you give.
I'm so proud of who you are becoming.
And am amazed by how you chose to live.
what can I give or offer to express how proud I am?
My heart?
That you had from the day you were born before you ever walked on land.
My word?
You are my words in action. Everything I ever dreamed to be. You show me who
I am.
My love?
Planted by God, all according to his plan. For, when I thought that there was
no love to give... You are the reminder of how wrong I am.
And this is my word from the depths of my soul,
I love you with all my heart.
Not for what you have or what you do.
Simply for the soul that you obtain and just being you.



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Anonymous said...

I like to hear a man speak of his daughter thus. My little girl has grown up. She has tumors over her entire skeleton, stage 3 Myeloma. I grieve for her, I pray for her.