Monday, March 14, 2016

Just Saying

"What goes around comes around".

Wishful thinking at best.

"Treat others how you want to be treated".

Trust me, you'll end up being treated like steps.

It's amazing to me the vile, rude, and outright disrespectful nature of people today.
The blatant liars, game players, and outright betrayers.

And trust, it's not the strangers!  It's those closest to you that hurt you the most.
To try to protect yourself, you don't allow anyone close.

Leaving you lonely, in a gang all by yourself, ain't got no homies.

So, you say " I'll be better.  I'll treat people good".
End up being a welcome mat for everyone in the hood.

But, it will get better.  This you should know.  With age, you'll come to a point
where the feelings, words, and thoughts of others won't affect your flow.

Eyes focused on the prize.
Mind fully set.
Body more than able.
And those who get in the way...
Let's just say, them... you'll forget.

No one pays attention to squashed bugs anyway.


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