Monday, March 14, 2016

Where I Come From

Where I come from?

Let me take you to a passage back in my youth.

You see the brother in that Cadillac,
bull horns in the front, got three women, and a gold tooth.
That's my uncle.

How about that dude over there?
Afro pick in his hair.
Yeah, the one with muscles, loves to rob, and hustle.
That's my uncle too.

That lady that you see, standing next to me,
short and fine, getting hit on by someone, but not paying him no mind.
That's my mom.

Now, come on in my house. Have a seat. Let this all marinate, enjoy the scenery.

Hear toes tap as jazz tracks flip riffs, smoke drifts, and it ain't no cigarettes.
It's just that herbal essence natural and pure.
See the people dance, women in hot pants,shaking and gyrating
All in my living room, like it's a dance floor.

Hear that brother yell..."Ay youngblood, just got out of jail"
Initiate a weird handshake,see slight move the hand makes
as he takes what the other brother had to sell.

Yeah, this is where I come from.

See the way that my uncle walk?
Hear him when he speaks? That's pimp talk.
He got a girl on each side and one behind.
Check him out, watch on his hand,
but making the girl tell him the time.

My other uncle, standin' over the dice game
Just got out of jail. It's ashame already contemplating.
I know what's on his mind.

You see, I'm a product of this environment.
This is where I come from.

Flash forward, let's skip ahead.

See that dude on that block?
The one in the white shell toe adidas, black dickies, red shirt, and black hat.
Yeah, the one bending down goin' in his sock.
You know he sellin' rock and gangbangin' at that!
Yeah, that was me.

Doin' more dirt and had more money than I could fold.
Looking like a grown man, hair on my face, and arms that's swoll...only 16 years old.
Look at all my homies, most of them are mexican, only a few are black
Steadily tossin' up gang signs as we cross the railroad tracks.
Where I come from? Let me tell you somethin' about that.
Back then I would've told you S.Tray.P
And then would've asked you, "Where's your heart at?"

And that's all just a glimpse
Of the life that made me who I am,
but I still have more to grow.
Therefore, where I come from doesn't seem as important
as where I'm going to go.


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