Sunday, June 4, 2017

Hills and Valleys

I bought into the illusion whole-heartedly.
Strange how the, the scent... better yet, the glimpse..
of hope has kept me afloat.
The days turn into nights,
the nights grow into weeks,
the weeks expand into months...
Low and behold, look at the years.

Hills and valleys
Smiles and tears.

Heart-aches and struggles back then.
Heart-aches and struggles still here.

Hills and valleys.
Hills and valleys.
Less smiles, more tears.

Omniscient, omnipotent, most benevolent & gracious
omnipresent, and dare I say, true loving God...
Am I too little?  Too insignificant?  Too warm?
Or just bound to a life of struggling hard?

Love shouldn't be this difficult.
Life shouldn't be so complex.
The truth shouldn't be so unattainable.

(My life) Walk in the valley of the light and struggle the hills.
(The Wicked) While in the dark on level ground the wicked move and become blessed.
This reality of life has me stressed and the recurrence of this truth gives me chills.

Hills and valleys, I tell you.
Valleys and hills.


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