Monday, July 17, 2017


Carnal, times have been rough.
My mind constantly replays stuff.
I miss the days of old,
when I would feel like this, I would
jump a fence or two and come see you.
You'd be like "fuck that shit! Let's go find something to get into".
Now age comes into play.
Your house is thousand of miles away.
It would be a lie if I said that I was cool.
I miss our youth, now I'm called,
"Old school".
Young folks don't have no respect.
Because I'm afraid of the consequences,
the laws have me in check.
Making me keep my hands off of these young folks
and my shank out of they neck.
I never thought that DCash would be in check.
S3P perplexed.
19,16 steps
1 to the 3 heavy reps.
Blood in my body flowing,
causing pulsating veins in my neck.
Right side soldiers wearing skinny jeans
got me ready to disconnect.
Revitalize old folks,
back on the set...
and do what we do best...
cleanse the streets of the busters
and chillout like vets.

But times have changed.
Cell phones, cameras... shit, the fucking internet!
Things just aren't the same.
No such thing as loyalty
Pride or respect.
Can't treat women like queens,
they'd rather have a dude with feminine ways
wearing skinny jeans.

Brother, we are the last of a dying breed.

I'm trying to not let it get to me.
I don't want to catch a case, man.

We've come a long way from old days in the South Bay
of DCash and Spaceman.


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