Thursday, March 11, 2010

Help Required

Painfully known the lack of love shown.
Knowing that I should leave, my heart bereaved.
Unable to move, the muscles in my heart torn.
Always on my knees begging the Lord please...

Enable me.

Stuck in the mist.
Pecked on the lips by an empty unfeeling kiss.
Wondering if...this is all that life has for me.
Yet, I still have hope.
But, it's getting harder to cope.

Oh Lord, please enable me.

The act of making love...
Replaced by meaningless sex.
Oh Lord, I desire so much more than this.

Enable me.

Empty touches.
Cold stares.
Words devoid of love.
Thoughts of the future lack care.
Where to go from here...
I'm unaware.

Enable me.



Anonymous said...

Very beautiful. Deep. Touching.

mamawith4_07 said...

your poems are very deep and inspiring!!!!

mamawith4_07 said...

your poems are very touching and inspiring!!!!